Pioneer Children Nursery is an Early Childhood Center
located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Welcome to Pioneer Children Nursery, where nurturing young minds is at the heart of what we do. We provide a safe and enriching environment for children aged 1-4, focusing on their cognitive development and early learning. We are dedicated to helping every child take confident steps toward a bright future, filled with the wonders of discovery and the excitement of learning.

A Word From Our Founder And Principal

“Hello and welcome to Pioneer Children Nursery my name is Dania Shmeit, mother to three wonderful children and a dedicated professional with twenty years of experience in early childhood education. This nursery is the realization of my dream to see every child’s eyes light up with the excitement of learning. It’s a dream that takes place with each new day they spend with us.”

Our Cornerstones

Engaged Learning

Engaging and fun activities to boost creativity and love for learning

Joyful play

Playful exploration that sparks joy and encourages creative growth.

Guarded Safety

Every child's well-being is our top priority in a secure, loving space

Room to Explore

Spacious indoor and outdoor areas that invite curiosity and promote exploration.

Inclusive Community

Building strong bonds with children, parents, and educators

Proven Expertise

Experienced and passionate teachers guiding your child’s early education journey.

Our Program

The provision for children’s development and learning is guided by the British Early Years Foundation Stage.

Arabic and English classes

This program focuses on language development in both Arabic and English, supporting children in developing a strong foundation in both languages, which is essential in the multicultural context of the UAE.

Arts and crafts Exploration

Created to ignite creativity and develop motor skills. Our interactive spaces offer a world of discovery. Facilities and activities where imagination and creative exploration come together.

Play-based learning

Our fun play-based activities are designed to grow young minds, helping children learn through action and interaction. We provide a variety of options that help with all areas of learning, making sure there's a balance between emotional, social, and cognitive development.

Messages From Our Community

Since joining the nursery, our son wakes up excited to play and learn with Miss Dania.


We are deeply grateful for the caring and supportive environment they offer every day.


Our son just recited the entire alphabet for the first time


I feel my child is in safe hands when I drop them off


My daughter gets excited to go to see Miss Dania, she truly loves it and seems so happy there. It's wonderful to see.


It's incredible how many different activities the nursery offers and I love receiving photos and videos from the staff


Pioneer Children Nursery as safe and comforting as our home